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ELEVEN fully restored CD albums
all the favorites from the ‘70s Radiance catalog and more

“Northern California Jesus Movement”
Colorful 2-CD set with 2 1/2 hours of highlights from the catalog

This wonderful music collection reveals, with disarming honesty and an amazing range of variety, the heart and soul of God’s glorious harvest of the early ‘70s. Here again are the worshipful folk stylings of Rebecca, the soulful blues-rock of street-singer Fred Simmon, the reverent ballads of Bill Ireland, the rock-guitar inventions of Rense Miller, the lovely lullabies of Layne Fish and the powerful anthems of Susi Meredith, plus an abundance of rich traditional country-gospel by various artists from Eureka, Mendocino and Big Sur… all this and much, much more.

All of this music was originally released on simple cassette albums in the ‘70s; now it has been painstakingly restored through digital processing for maximum clarity and fidelity (with added EQ, compression, reverb, etc.) by Paul Johnson, who also produced most of the original recordings. The difference in sound quality between these restored albums and the original tapes is nothing short of amazing! AND — the new CDs include numerous previously unreleased tracks (not on the original albums) that were only just rediscovered during the restoration process.

The full catalog of Radiance music is now available here on eleven individual CDs. Also available is a definitive keepsake package, “Northern California Jesus Movement,” — a 2-CD anthology comprised of highlights from all eleven albums. This very special set includes a colorful, beautifully illustrated 24-page booklet with many photos and extensive first-hand background information that was prepared especially for this release by the producer.

As an added bonus (from the “whatever became of” department), three related post-Radiance era CDs are also offered here: two of these are recent guitar-instrumental offerings from producer Paul Johnson, and the other features recordings made in ’76 and ’94 by the popular trio, Joel, Paul & Nancy (which consists of husband/wife Joel & Nancy Severson and Paul Johnson). Their earlier recordings can be heard on several of the various Radiance albums; but this collection of their later tracks offers a glimpse of how the group progressed musically in subsequent years.

Friends and brethren —
I’m delighted to share the newly restored Radiance music catalog with you! These songs are delightful “diamonds in the rough,” recorded on a shoestring budget in jerrybuilt studios with modest equipment, in a rural environment and with no pretense of commercial ambition. Accordingly, they convey a charming, guileless simplicity that is missing in so much of the more slickly produced Christian music of today. This is authentic, unadorned folk music that reveals a vital aspect of our cultural history. As such, these songs might just be the purest representation you can find of the true spirit of those early days of our first-love for Jesus!.

“As it was in the beginning, this music is dedicated to the glory of God and to the edification of His people. It is my hope that you will find joy and refreshment in hearing again these wonderful songs from that very special time.”