The “Jesus Movement” of the early ‘70s was God’s harvest of earnest young people who came finally to the foot of the cross after searching in vain for fulfillment in the ‘60s counterculture. Their passion for reality in their Christian experience brought a refreshing to the church quite unlike anything seen in the generation before or since. Now we can be refreshed anew by the spirit of that remarkable time through this wonderful music that remains.

Radiance was the media arm of the Gospel Outreach ministry in Eureka, Calif., a dynamic center of this movement and a hotbed of creativity for talented musicians. An abundance of their music was recorded and packaged in modest but lovingly crafted cassette albums. Now, all these years later, the newly restored Radiance recordings testify once again of the deep and genuine experience of those bygone days.

These are delightful “diamonds in the rough,” recorded on a shoestring budget in jerry-built studios with modest equipment, in a rural environment and with no pretense of commercial ambition. Accordingly, they convey a charming, guileless simplicity. This is authentic, unadorned folk music, revealing a vital chapter in our cultural history. It’s the sound of a searching generation that found what it was looking for!

There are so many wonderful (mostly original) songs, performed with such exceptional artistry, that a first-time hearer may ask why this music wasn’t better-known. But these recordings weren’t made for the marketplace; they were simple love-offerings made for the glory of God and the edification of His people. We hope their restoration will serve this purpose again by offering today’s believers a reminder of a simpler kind of love for God that has become all too rare in the rush of modern life.